Welcome to Feel The Beatz

Ever wished you could discover new dance trends and fitness routines easily? Well, you're in the right place.

Feel The Beatz is a disocvery engine as well as an exciting place for dancers to share and learn dance and fitness routines. Here, you can discover the newest Doja Cat trends before anyone else or even be a part of creating one!

  1. Categories - Different dance and fitness categories allow you to discover new styles, workouts and creators. Every country has a unique combination of dance styles that we wouldn't know existed unless are intrdoced to them. It also allows people to stay in touch with their cultures from anywhere.
  2. Trends - The trends page lists all dance trends from around the world in one place. This could be an exciting haven for dancers to find inspiration for their next choreography or for beginners to try out something new.
  3. Tutorials - Allow beginners and advanced students to learn something new from among the many tutorials and fitness routines uploaded on the website.
  4. Live workshops - Allow you stay connected with your favourite academies and live dance classes online even amidst the pandemic. Participate in live workshops with many more from around the world.
  5. Leaderbaord - Compete with other dancers to earn credits and exchange them for goodies and even cash prizes!
  6. 1:1 feedback - This is another feature that will allow dancers to get personal feedback from some of the best choreographers in the world. Get feedback on your form and routines.
  7. Challenges - Dance and fitness challenges will be listed on our "Challenges" page when they become available. Participants will be able to enlist and participate in challenges and learn and achieve a goal together on the way. 
  8. Set up your own online dance academy - You can register and set up your own dance academy to teach students around the world while also monetising your classes and tutorials.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ or contact us through our "Contact" Form. 




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