Leaderboard Ts and Cs

Leaderboard Rules

  1. Dancers with the most views will be ranked on the leaderboard. A theme is assigned every month - please refer to the calendar below for this month's theme. So, go on and share your dance videos with your friends!
  2. Users will be rewarded for appearing on the leaderborad in forms of prizes (cash, credits and badges) awarded to them on the 8th of each month.
  3. Dancers will be rewarded 500 credit points for appearing on the first three positions of the leaderboard i.e. for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd, 250 credit points for placing 4th, 5th and 6th and finally, 100 credit points for placing 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.
  4. These positions will be determined on the 6th of each month at 12am AEST. Therefore, for example, you need to be placed 1st on the 6th at 12am AEST of this month to claim 500 credits and secure 1st position. Any other days will not matter.
  5. The total credit points are viewable on your dashboard.
  6. Once, you reach 1000 credit points, you will receive a badge and a cash reward of $100 by applying here
  7. Please note all transactions will be done through Paypal and all badges are viewable on your dashboard.
  8. Similarly, on your next milestone of 2500 credit points, will be rewarded a badge and perks - eligible to only badge holders. (please refer to table below for more details on perks and badges).
  9. You can continue to collect credits and open new levels to access perks and badges.
  10. You can collect credits by appearing on the leaderboard. There will be other opportunities where you'll be able to collect more credits through other methods.
  11. You will be awarded badges as you reach new levels. These badges will appear on your profile.
  12. We would also like to encourage silver badge holders and above to consider uploading paid tutorials or dance challenges/competitions with us. You can do so by applying here

All milestones and its respective badges and perks are listed below.

Here's a table explaining the badge and the reward system:


Cash reward



2500-Host your own paid dance challenges
7500-Host paid live workshops

The calendar below shows the leaderboard themes for each month