FTB Dance Classes

Head to our 'tutorial' section to discover classes from a variety of dance and fitness styles. We are continuing to add more styles. The tutorial section contains both paid and free tutorials. Get a membership to access all classes uploaded by choreographers around the world.

Track Dance Lessons

You can track your progress by marking classes 'completed'. A green tick will appear when you mark them complete.Head over to your dashboard to view your progress - which shows everything from classes completed to styles learnt. Earn badges and rewards for completing classes.

Social FTB

Feel The Beatz a social platform for dancers and fitness enthusiasts. You can upload videos and tutorials, all of which others can see, like, comment save and rate. You can also discover videos by other users on the home page or discover from categories on the 'categories' page.

Teach and Earn

Creators can upload dance and fitness tutorials and classes. These videos will be monetised depending on engagement and creators get a royalty fee at the end of each month. You can learn more below.

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